You Don’t Have To Be Born In February To Love These 12 Pieces Of Amethyst Jewelry

Happy birthday, February babies! I have to admit; I’m a little jealous of you—you guys have the best birthstone. As an April baby myself, I always felt like we got the short end of the birthstone stick—diamonds are just so blah—so I’m kind of hoping you birthday girls don’t mind sharing your gorgeous amethyst stone with the rest of us.

Assuming that you don’t, I rounded up 12 pieces of pretty amethyst jewelry that everyone, regardless of the month they were born, will love. Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments section below.

Amanda Leilani Designs raw amethyst ring, $45

Amanda Leilani Designs raw amethyst ring

I really like the raw cut and claw setting on this amethyst ring.

BaubleBar February Drops, $32

BaubleBar February Drops

I’m not usually a fan of drop earrings, but I love these ones so much that I just ordered a pair to wear to a wedding this March. I love the interesting shapes and the beautiful color combination.

Mizz Oktober amethyst cluster pendant, $46

Mizz Oktober amethyst cluster pendant

This is one of my favorite pieces on the list. I love how it looks like the jeweler dipped the piece of amethyst in gold.

Topshop amethyst wrap stone ring, $18

Topshop amethyst wrap stone ring

I’m getting some major ’90s mood ring vibes from this ring, and I love it.

The Rock Star Goddess amethyst necklace, $34

The Rock Star Goddess amethyst necklace

How pretty are these necklaces? The designer at Rock Star Goddess will also let you customize your piece by choosing between several different stones and chains. Click here to check those out.

 ALDO Cundall amethyst earrings, on sale for $6

ALDO Cundall amethyst earrings

For $6, you really can’t go wrong with these beautiful earrings from ALDO.

Soul to Soul Treasures amethyst pyramid ring, $22

Soul to Soul Treasures amethyst pyramid ring

These rings are probably my favorite pieces on the entire list. I love the pyramid shape of the amethyst stones.

Topshop Healing Stones amethyst bangle, $18

Topshop Healing Stones amethyst bangle

This bracelet would be a cute present for your friend who could use a little extra tranquility and calmness in her life.

Bumhemian amethyst necklace, $17

Bumhemian amethyst necklace

Channel your inner Spencer Pratt with this healing amethyst necklace. (Or you could forget about Spencer Pratt and just wear it and look cute instead.)

Good Luxe Vintage amethyst stud earrings, $10

Good Luxe Vintage amethyst stud earrings

Everyone needs a good pair of stud earrings.

Earthy Jewel amethyst ring, $9.99

Earthy Jewel amethyst ring

I love the rose cut of the stone on this minimalist gold ring.

Soul to Soul Treasures amethyst bangle, $37

Soul to Soul Treasures amethyst bangle

This is probably the coolest bangle I’ve ever seen.

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